Tortuguero Lodge Costa Rica is the Only Place to Stay

Tortuguero Lodge Costa Rica

Tortuguero Lodge Costa Rica is rarely heard to some travelers not knowing they are missing half the fun and pleasure of traveling just with the fact that they have been setting Tortuguero aside for their list of travel destinations.  For centuries, Costa Rica has played a major role in mesmerizing its visitors from the other side of the globe and that is also the reason why empires from the European kingdoms played tag of war to win this piece of land in Central America.  The Spanish explorers claimed Costa Rica and have it ruled under the Spanish imperial crown for at least 300 years just like what happened to their colonies from the other side of the globe.  The land was then named “the Rich Coast” simply as how the Spaniards saw the natives wearing gold ornaments and all other colorful clothes.

Since the Spanish colonization, Costa Rica has been acting so active in the process of globalization as they stand next to the ranking of being the gateway of trade next to Mexico named as the New Spain.  The country is located in Central America and is blessed to have access to the major trade routes in the Caribbean Ocean for Europe, Africa, and South America and the majestic Pacific Ocean for the Pacific outlying islands, the Oriental Asian nations, and Oceania.  Nowadays, the world demands for these qualities as well specially for the nature and beach lovers as they can enjoy both the soaring high waves of the Pacific ocean from the west coastal area and commune with the relaxing, blue, and warm water of the Caribbean ocean.

Tortuguero Lodge Costa Rica – Perfect home away from home

The attraction does not really end there as the country is filled with lush greens or so called well pampered national parks such as that on the northern part of Costa Rica call Tortuguero National Park where the bunch of Tortuguero lodge Costa Rica await for the weary travelers.  Tortuguero is truly worthy to be called “the secret garden” because of its bewitching natural beauty that no place in the can beat, Costa Rica is one of the fastest growing nation when it comes to literacy, economy, and good governance.  The country is truly showered with all the blessings the heavens above can give specially in natural resources that is why some named the country as “God’s Garden” as well.

It is never too late to rediscover and commune with mother nature. On your next travel, it would be best perhaps to add Costa Rica as part of your destination and slip in Tortuguero lodge Costa Rica for your practically first class comfort and accommodation.

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Plan and Discover Your Home Away from Home through Tortuguero Lodge

Tortuguero Lodge – Find the perfect one

Traveling is one of the most beautiful or better yet the greatest gift a person can give him or herself to get a kick of a true or genuine getaway from the very stressful way of living in the city yet this nirvana-like escape can turn into something ugly or disappointing if you do not do your assignment of the usual “shopping around for the best deal” routine at least weeks before your actual travel date and this applies for your airfare and room or accommodations in which Tortuguero lodge will not disappoint you.

It is in fact a rule of the thumb that if you are traveling to a place that you have never been before you must always prepare yourself with all the information that you may need for the said travel. Before you completely hop in inside the plane and waive your hand for a quick goodbye to the city that have been dreaming to escape from, it would be helpful for you to know your chosen destination first for you to make sure that nothing will go wrong while traveling, while in travel destination, and on your way home.

Accommodation is the second most important thing that you must be able to accomplish before your travel date to ensure that you will have a room to sleep in and of course fpr you to be able to lock-in a lower rate as much as possible but you must be very keen to details when planning to have an out of the country trip and of course you must at least choose an accommodation that would catch your fancy or a room that will pretty much guarantee your comfort while you are away from home and this is what Tortuguero lodge can at least guarantee.

Tortuguero Lodge Reviews

Reviews would say it all, Tortuguero lodge are designed to keep the guests or travelers mesmerized all the time as they never fail to make all the guests want to stay and never go home. Imagine all the lush greens in the area, the sound of the forest, and the sea on the side all echoing the area in harmony topped with the extraordinary Costa Rican hospitality of Tortuguero lodge, there is no doubt you will definitely feel attached as well.

Tortuguero lodge tops the list

Be patient, be meticulous when researching about your destination’s travel survival tip because can basically define your memory of the trip. In order for you to ensure smooth and enjoyable travel or vacation, you must keep in mind that planning ahead is the key to travel in style in the most affordable way specially in rare travel destination like Costa Rica where Tortuguero lodge tops the list in giving weary travelers a home away from their abode.

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Experience Genuine Costa Rican Hospitality through Tortuguero Hotels

What is in Tortuguero hotels in the northern coastal area of Costa Rica that travelers from all over the world wants to experience them? Costa Rica, one of the most famous nation when it comes to natural wonders, a nation spared from the fast invasion of industrialization that is sure to kill the forests around the globe. Ironically, the country is one of the most progressive nation in the Latin American or Central American region and all these are evidenced by the numbers this country is capable of producing such as with the country’s literacy, investments, and tourism. Aside from its capital city San Jose, people have lately discovered the wonders of coastal area most specially the northern Caribbean coastal area of the country – Tortuguero. As the tourism industry continues to flourish in the area, the hospitality arena started to mushroom as well creating names for Tortuguero hotels locally and around the globe.

You may have heard a lot about other famous destinations around the world, you may have read about the traveler’s feedback about them and perhaps you have learned how expensive they can be specially when it comes to accommodation and yet they offer limited sceneries. Tortuguero hotels on the other hand offers value and quality in all aspects of accommodation and hospitality.

There are many reasons why Tortuguero hotels are the travelers’ choice, the hotels or accommodations in the area simply offer more than what you have paid for and that simply delights all guests and makes them want to experience more, stay, and never leave the area. Aside from the fact that Tortuguero hotels offer best deals, as a matter of fact their offers are one of the lowest compared to any other hotels around the world considering that Tortuguero is a popular destination. In line with that, they are all partnered with tour operators and/or providers in the area to make sure that all the guests are able to maximize their vacation in Tortuguero because your vacation in the area will never be complete without experiencing the greens and nature that surrounds it, the forest, its animals. the trees and grasslands, the beaches facing the Caribbean, the food that they have, the people’s warm smile and award winning hospitality, truly unbeatable.

It is in fact best to describe Tortuguero as the only place where people can get true getaway. Tortuguero hotels are simply the best in all aspects of travel and vacation pleasure because they are the best bunch who are capable of offering the best in price, hospitality, and sceneries.

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Experience Paradise in Tortuguero Costa Rica

Tortuguero Costa Rica

In today’s world, there is no one who would be willing to reject or decline the opportunity and chance to experience a true getaway from the way we live our life in the city where everything is made to be stressful.  According to the latest studies and reviewed statistics, the Americans topped the list of the people who travel a lot or defined as heavy travelers.  People travel for so many different reasons such as for government or diplomatic purposes, personal or leisure, expatriate or work related travels, or academic and learning purposes.

On the average an American’s list of travel destinations would include the usual European nations (or the European Schengen), the Caribbean Island nations, and the oriental Asian kingdom but only few choose to explore the Central American region such as the last frontier of the middle lands called Tortuguero Costa Rica because they have not realized yet how incredible this piece of land in Central America can be with all its natural wonders where visitors or tourists may experience and witness the way life goes for nature and its inhabitants, mostly the endangered species.

Costa Rica is one of the Central American region’s key hub when it comes to local and international trade since its discovery during the height of the Spanish exploration and colonization under the royal crown evidenced by the Spanish culture left in the region down to South America.  Republica de Costa Rica is now one of the most prominent nation in Latin America considering the fact that this nation was actually neglected and was taken for granted by its colonizers when they thought that the population of the said nation was not enough for them to develop the landmass due to its small population.  Later on the judgement of the Spanish invaders are proven wrong because the underestimated nation grew into a port to the Pacific and the Caribbeans, Costa Rica became the new gateway to the new world next to its neighboring and fellow Spanish colony, Mexico.

Somehow, the Spaniards were right with their observations with Costa Rica being remote because up until now the nation has so many untouched or unexplored areas, it is the region’s last frontier as they proudly say, in fact Tortuguero Costa Rica is on UNESCO’s book of prime places to watch and care for.  Nowadays, Costa Rica is no longer just a rich port (is Costa Rica in Spanish) it is now one of the ultimate destinations from the long list of countries around the world with the most numbers of travelers.  Next to San Jose (the nation’s capital and largest city) Tortuguero Costa Rica tops the list of places that garners the largest number of visitors.

Tortuguero Costa Rica is on the Caribbean side of the country as it faces and competes with the rest of small nation islands in the Caribbean Ocean with all its natural wonders.  Tortuguero Costa Rica is synonymous to Tortuguero National Park, after all this is the major the reason why thousands tourists flock the area each year.

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