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Tortuguero Lodge Costa Rica is the Only Place to Stay

Tortuguero Lodge Costa Rica

Tortuguero Lodge Costa Rica is rarely heard to some travelers not knowing they are missing half the fun and pleasure of traveling just with the fact that they have been setting Tortuguero aside for their list of travel destinations.  For centuries, Costa Rica has played a major role in mesmerizing its visitors from the other side of the globe and that is also the reason why empires from the European kingdoms played tag of war to win this piece of land in Central America.  The Spanish explorers claimed Costa Rica and have it ruled under the Spanish imperial crown for at least 300 years just like what happened to their colonies from the other side of the globe.  The land was then named “the Rich Coast” simply as how the Spaniards saw the natives wearing gold ornaments and all other colorful clothes.

Since the Spanish colonization, Costa Rica has been acting so active in the process of globalization as they stand next to the ranking of being the gateway of trade next to Mexico named as the New Spain.  The country is located in Central America and is blessed to have access to the major trade routes in the Caribbean Ocean for Europe, Africa, and South America and the majestic Pacific Ocean for the Pacific outlying islands, the Oriental Asian nations, and Oceania.  Nowadays, the world demands for these qualities as well specially for the nature and beach lovers as they can enjoy both the soaring high waves of the Pacific ocean from the west coastal area and commune with the relaxing, blue, and warm water of the Caribbean ocean.

Tortuguero Lodge Costa Rica – Perfect home away from home

The attraction does not really end there as the country is filled with lush greens or so called well pampered national parks such as that on the northern part of Costa Rica call Tortuguero National Park where the bunch of Tortuguero lodge Costa Rica await for the weary travelers.  Tortuguero is truly worthy to be called “the secret garden” because of its bewitching natural beauty that no place in the can beat, Costa Rica is one of the fastest growing nation when it comes to literacy, economy, and good governance.  The country is truly showered with all the blessings the heavens above can give specially in natural resources that is why some named the country as “God’s Garden” as well.

It is never too late to rediscover and commune with mother nature. On your next travel, it would be best perhaps to add Costa Rica as part of your destination and slip in Tortuguero lodge Costa Rica for your practically first class comfort and accommodation.

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